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Journalists should serve public

What purpose does a reporter really serve? Is it really a service anyway? If it is, then are they there for their superiors, or something greater? In answering these questions, one can come to understand why journalism is a vital … Continue reading

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Improving your interviewing skills

Good stories start with good reporting. Whether you are just beginning or a seasoned veteran, your interviewing techniques as a journalist must keep up with a forever changing world. Sites including MatadorNetwork and CCJ list some of the basic skills … Continue reading

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Should we use semicolons?

There is widespread debate whether or not the semicolon should be used. Some writers, like Noah Lukeman, believe it to be “the most elegant of all forms of punctuation.” Writer Kurt Vonnegut disagrees, saying, “Do not use semicolons…. All they do … Continue reading

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The Associated Press Stylebook- “The Journalists Bible”

The Associated Press began producing The Associated Press Stylebook  in 1953. The AP Stylebook was created due to the need for consistency in style preferences in journalism. The AP Stylebook consists of many different sections. The main section is the … Continue reading

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Grammar courses at a college level

Learning and mastering The Associated Press style and proper grammar can be a daunting task for the young journalism student. Many students have had unfortunately lax training in the area of grammar and AP style. From the early years of … Continue reading

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Are Grammar Rules Optional?

With the advancing of social media networks, text messaging, and shortening of verbal language, daily word and grammar usage are constantly changing. For the millennial generation, these things seem completely normal, although, for the earlier generations, you might as well … Continue reading

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How much practice does writing take to make perfect?

Words play a significant role in the lives of many; they are present in any setting in some shape or form, and they serve as a tool to guide us through wherever life may take us.  Being able to read … Continue reading

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