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Ethics of Journalism

Ethics can make or break a journalist.  It is the difference between a good journalist and a great journalist.  Someone who has good ethics would most likely make it further in their job.  If you don’t follow good ethics, it … Continue reading

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Revealing journalism truths

The internet has eliminated the need for mass media in this ever-changing world. Professional journalism may still be beneficial but within the world we live today, there is no dependence upon a select group to focus information and news. Truth … Continue reading

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Journalists prepare for March Madness

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March Madness is practically upon us. It’s that time of the year when just about everyone becomes a fan of college basketball. Either way, it is finally time for journalists to begin coverage of the NCAA Division One Men’s Basketball … Continue reading

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Journalists question ethics in Walker fake phone call

Journalists will do almost anything to get a great story, however, professional journalists know where to draw the line when generating a story. Last month this hypothetical line was leaped over when blogger Ian Murphy posed as the wealthy conservative David Koch to … Continue reading

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Journalists should shun bribes

  In just a blink of an eye you can receive a free trip to Hawaii or extra money for writing or unpublishing a story to please someone who asked you.    It is easy to catch a journalist who … Continue reading

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Citizen Journalism growing

Citizen journalism is increasingly popular because of the Internet.  The Internet enables citizen journalism. Websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube make citizen journalism accessible, free, and easy. What is “Citizen Journalism”? Journalism Citizen journalism informs the public about news.  … Continue reading

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Journalists need trauma training

Reporters sometimes experience stress while reporting disasters.Trauma is not only seen in dramatic stories such as fires, crimes, and deaths, but it is also seen in the recent natural disasters in New Zealand and Japan. While performing professional everyday tasks, … Continue reading

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